Inside Clemson

Retirees – 2013

Clemson applauds the years of state service given by the following faculty and staff who have notified human resources of their intent to retire or terminate their TERI agreements.

Some individuals may change their plans and some may be rehired in the same or other positions at the university.

October 2013

Judy L. Gunter, LPH/SCMPID, Field Specialist, 25 years
Edna S. Herron
, Univ Fac Cust-Recycling Svcs, Equip Operator II, 19 years
Robert L. Taylor
, Mathematical Sciences, Dept Chair/Head, 28 years

September 2013

Diane M. Bailey, Research Services, Agricult/Animal Assoc I, 18 years
Virginia D. Baird
, Ctr for Rsrch and Collab Activ, Grants Coordinator II, 14 years
Joni K. Hurley
, Languages, Associate Professor, 21 years

August 2013

Michael A. Bridgwood,
Elec & Computer Engr, Associate Professor, 32 years
Debra Pates Chambers, Univ Facilities Support Svcs, Data Coordinator II, 29 years
Susan M. Childress, Medicaid IT Services, Information Tech Mgr I, 28 years
York L. Glover, Beaufort, Senior Extension Agent, 35 years
Judy K. Leroy, Student Health Center, Nurse Admin Mgr I, 25 years
Michael A. Morris, Political Sciences, Professor, 34 years
William D. Paige, Teacher Education, Professor, 17 years
Suzanne Marie Pedrick, Clin Ed/Prac & Med Surv Pro, Lecturer: Non-Teaching, 17 years
Mason W. Salisbury, Law Enforcement & Safety, Law Enforcement Officer I, 25 years
Sonia L Wright, LPH/SCMPID, Field Specialist II, 10 years

July 2013

Martha M. Beasley, Sandhill REsrch & Education Cn, Extension Associate, 17 years
David C. Hammatt
, Advancement – Finance & Admin, Alumni/Develop Mgr II, 28 years
William Edward Kilbourne
, Marketing, Professor, 30 years
Douglas R. Shier
, Mathematical Sciences, Professor, 22 years
John S. Shirley Jr.
, Agricultural Support, Building/Ground Supv II, 33 years
Theresa L. Smith
, Research Services, Administrative Coord I, 29 ears
Anolyn K. Watkins
, Dean of Engineering & Science, Administrative Coord I, 34 years

June 2013

Ronald P. Addis, PSA Publishing, Public Info Dir II, 34 years
Kathryn E. Bryant, Office of Research Compliance, Research Associate, 23 years
Vickie L. Byko, School of Ag, For, Env Science, Administrative Assistant, 35 years
Cheryl B. Dean, Acctg for Related Organization, Accounting/Fiscal Mgr II, 28 years
Bruce A. Fortnum, Pee Dee Research & Education Cnt, Academic Program Director, 35 years
Charles H. Gooding
, Chemical Engineering, Professor, 33 years
Robert S. Guinn, Beaufort, Extension Director-Assistant, 34 years
Thomas Warren Latimer, Athletic Grounds & Fields, Trades Specialist IV, 34 years
Judith Anne Maclin, General Counsel, Administrative Coord II, 12 years
Gary L. McMahan, Agricultural Research, Asst.  Academic Prog Dir, 41 years
Priscilla G. Munson, University Libraries, Librarian I, 24 years
William A. Ward, Economics, Professor, 24 years

May 2013

Kathleen D. Bolton, Materials Science & Engineering, Student Svcs Prog Co I, 23 years
Charlotte Teresa Camper,
Youth Learning Institute, Extension Associate, 32 years
Jeffrey L. Davis,
Computer Systems & Operation, Operations Manager II, 33 years
Ellen Sinkler Gideon,
Purchasing & Supply Services, Procurement Specialist II, 17 years
Harold C. Grossman,
School of Computing, Associate Professor, 45 years
James M. Hendrix,
LPH/SCMPID, Field Specialist II, 8 years
Tony A. Knox,
Univ Fac Cust-Recycling Svcs, Building/Ground Spec II, 13 years
L. Wilson Pearson,
Elec. & Computer Engr, Named Professor, 23 years
Elisa K. Sparks,
English, Associate Professor, 35 years
Dennis E. Stevenson,
School of Computing, Associate Professor, 33 years

April 2013

August T. Breaziel Jr., Building/Ground Spec II, Univ Fac Cust-Recycling Svcs, 19 years
Beth A. Cushman, Accnt/Fiscal Analyst III, Dean of Engineering & Science, 22 years
William M. Hood, Professor, School of Ag, For, Env Science, 33 years
David P. Jacobs, Professor, Scool of Computing, 33 years
Elizabeth Diane Bryant Keese, Admin Specialist II, University Admissions, 26 years
Tina Marie Lisenby, Admin Specialist II, University Admissions, 6 years
Neil Justin Ogg, Academic Program Director, CU Regulatory Services, 37 years

March 2013

Susan B. Chandler, Student Svcs Prog Co II, Financial Aid (Student), 14 years
Ronnie J. Johnson, Professor, School of Ag, For, Env Science, 34 years
Nancy E. McConnell, Benefits Counselor II, Human Resources, 33 years
Terry Don Phillips, Athletics Director, Athletic Administration, 35 years
Brenda W. Shaver, Student Svcs Prog Co I, Financial Aid (Student), 29 years

February 2013

Rebecca D. Grant, Accnt/Fiscal Analyst I, Univ Facilities Support Svcs, 28 years
Floyd T. Morton, Trades Specialist IV, Univ Facilities Maintenance Sv, 21 years
Robbie A. Nicholson, Lab Technologist III, Materials Science & Engrg, 30 years
William G. Queen, Lecturer: Non-Teaching, Research Services, 12 years
Talma J. Williams, Info Resource Consult I, Medicaid IT Services, 26 years
Kathy W. Wright, Senior Extension Agent, Anderson, 18 years

January 2013

Bonnie G. Anderson, Administrative Assistant, Lexington, 29 years
Suzanne M. Atkinson, Student Services Program Coordinator II, Advisement Center, 24 years
Rebecca G. Bowman, Athletics Coach, Student Athlete Enrichment Program, 30 years
Kathie W. Brown, Info Resource Consultant I, Customer Support and Personal Comp, 28 years
Terry M. Cash, Assistant Academic Program Director, National Dropout Prevention Center, 13 years
James Edward Chambers Jr., Trades Specialist IV, University Facilities Maintenance Service, 33 years
Melanie M. Cooper, alumni professor, Chemistry, 31 years
Jean L. Dickey, professor, Biological Sciences, 29 years
Irene Acuff Fili, Administrative Assistant, Reg Bus Cntr 2 at Christn, 11 years
Kaye W. Fowler, Human Resources Manager I, Human Resources, 28 years
Paulette C. Gay, Volunteer Coordinator II, Lexington, 18 years
Gerald F. George, Applications Analyst II, Medicaid IT Services, 15 years
Catherine Anne Hill, Athletics Coach, Athletic Administration, 28 years
Ray J. Holliday, Director of Planning and Research, Human Resources, 33 years
Linda Lee Jenkins, Lab Technologist II, Bioengineering, 23 years
Priscilla Long Kanet, Athletics Coach, Student Athlete Enrichment Program, 22 years
Halina T. Knap, professor, School of Agriculture, Forestry, and Environmental Science, 28 years
Michael F. Kohl, Librarian I, University Libraries, 37 years
Melody C. Land, Administrative Coordinator II, VP for Research, 32 years
Charles Manley McCuen, Jr., Athletics Coach, Tennis-Men, 29 years
Kaye S. Matheson, Human Resources Manager II, Human Resources, 27 years
Edward O. McAbee, Investigator III, Law Enforcement and Safety, 25 years
Michael J. Miller, Research Associate, Computer Systems and Operation, 31 years
Eduardo Nieves, Senior Information Res Consultant, Application Services, 28 years
Anita F. Parham, Human Resources Manager I, Human Resources, 28 years
Dianne Y. Redd, Field Specialist II, LPH/SCMPID, 15 years
John N. Seketa, Athletics Coach, Event Promotions, 30 years
Emerson R. Shipe, professor, School of Agriculture, Forestry, and Environmental Science, 34 years
Frederick D. Singleton, Program Coordinator II, Plant Industry, 33 years
Donald B. Smith Jr., Systems Programmer II, Network Services and Telecomm, 29 years
Joy S. Smith, Associate Vice President, VP Student Affairs, 25 years
Annette P. Vandiver, Building/Ground Spec I, University Fac Cust-Recycling Services, 5 years
Marlene R. Ventura
, Program Manager I, Office of Research Compliance, 13 years
Jerry A. Whitmire Jr., Program Coordinator II, Campus Utilities, 28 years

December 2012

Keith D. Brown, Student Services Program Coordinator II, HEHD Office of Distant Education, 15 years
Mildred Virginia Howard, Administrative Assistant, Teacher Education, 10 years
Alan W. Madison, associate professor, School of Computing, 36 years
Patricia Darlene Sentell, Administrative Assistant, Institute on Family and Neighborhood Life, 13 years

November 2012

Gail B. Ponder, Administrative Assistant, Art, 39 years

October 2012

Gerald E. Costello, associate professor, public health sciences, 24 years
Brenda C. Hall, accnt/fiscal analyst I, payroll, 28 years
Andy Wu-Chung Lee, professor, School of Agriculture, Forest, Environmental Science, 33 years

September 2012

Tyrecia Denice Benson, Building/Ground Spec III, University Housing, 7 years
Patricia Forbes , Data Entry/Ctrl Clerk II, Financial Aid (Student), 32 years
Arlene E. Grimes , Administrative Assistant, Michelin Career Center, 10 years
Thomas C. Jenkins , professor, Animal & Veterinary Science, 33 years
Deborah J. Thomason , professor, Family Outreach, 32 years
Sammie L. Williams , Agricultr/Animal Asst I, Edisto Resrch & Education Cntr, 33 years

August 2012

Glenda Black, research associate, Restoration Institute, 32 years
Alan Brock, building/ground specialist III, university housing, 7 years
Mark Charney, professor, performing arts, 27 years
Kathryn Pearson, administrative specialist II, School of Education director, 33 years
Donald Van Derveer, non-teaching lecturer, chemistry, 9 years

July 2012

Gail Brock, administrative coordinator I, VP for student affairs, 28 years
Betsy Clements, account/fiscal analyst III, Center for Research and Collaborative Activity, 24 years
Janet Craig, associate professor, School of Nursing, 10 years
Thomas Dickens, alumni professor, School of Accountancy & Finance, 34 years
Shelby Duncan, administrative assistant, dean of architecture, arts & humanities, 29 years
Alan Elzerman, professor, environmental engineering & earth science, 34 years
Ricardo Garcia, associate professor, biological sciences, 33 years
Allan Garrett, building/ground supervisor II, university facilities maintenance services, 33 years
Sharon Grice, assistant extension director, Marion County, 33 years
Barry Nocks, professor, School of Planning, Development, Preservation & Landscape Architecture, 37 years
Mary Ann Prater, senior lecturer, School of Accountancy & Finance, 30 years
Alton Smith Jr., associate professor, biological sciences, 33 years
Cathy Sturkie, program coordinator I, provost & VP for academic affairs, 31 years

June 2012

Beverly Arp, administrative assistant, video production services, 34 years
Robert Becker, academic program director, VP for Economic Development & PSA, 32 years
Debra Clowney-Parnell, assistant extension director, Florence County, 33 years
Stanley Crawford, information resource consultant I, network services & telecommunication, 34 years
Janice Dukes, administrative coordinator I, dean of architecture, arts & humanities, 33 years
Mark Durham, law enforcement officer I, law enforcement & safety, 25 years
Mary Gaines, human resources specialist, CAFLS business office, 35 years
William Gibson, fiscal technician I, ticket office, 13 years
James Gilstrap, trades specialist V, university facilities maintenance services, 33 years
Elbert Henderson, athletics coach, IPTAY operations, 34 years
Karunarathna Kulasekera, professor, mathematical sciences
Lance McKinney, production manager III, video production services, 34 years
Elizabeth Newall, public information director I, creative services, 33 years
James Osbey Jr., environment/health manager I, Center for Environmental Toxicology, 22 years
Kelvin Poole, professor, electrical & computer engineering, 28 years
Linda Rice, program manager I, risk management, 31 years
Nancy Rochester, administrative assistant, marketing, 28 years
Ronald Sellers, field specialist II, livestock poultry health/SC Meat & Poultry Inspection Department, 12 years
Victor Shelburne, professor, School of Agriculture, Forest and Environmental Science, 36 years
Lois Sill, librarian I, university libraries, 34 years
Jeffrey Stevens, law enforcement officer I, law enforcement & safety, 25 years
William Turner, field specialist II, livestock poultry health/SC Meat & Poultry Inspection Department, 18 years
Isaac Wallace Jr., program coordinator II, university libraries, 22 years
Carol Weatherford, associate professor, teacher education, 26 years

May 2012

Dianne Harris, administrative assistant, chemistry, 10 years
Pamela Kierce, information technology manager I, pesticide regulation, 32 years
Linda Sears, administrative assistant, School of Accountancy and Finance, 20 years
Pamela Winchester, program assistant, university facilities maintenance services, 33 years

April 2012

Harriett Bennett, extension agent, Berkeley County, 33 years
Robert Gray, trades specialist V, university facilities maintenance services, 19 years
Francis McGuire, alumni professor, parks, recreation and tourism management, 34 years

March 2012

Linda Alexander, administrative specialist I, School of Agriculture, Forest and Environmental Science, March 6, 22 years
Jeanne Campbell, administrative specialist II, School of Agriculture, Forest and Environmental Science, March 1, 32 years
James Goodwin Jr., professor, chemical engineering, March 2, 19 years
John Telley Jr., trades specialist IV, university facilities maintenance services, March 30, 29 years

February 2012

Mary Beck, professor, School of Agriculture, Forest and Environmental Science, Feb. 4, 32 years
Betty Miley, fiscal technician II, Academic Success Center, Feb. 3, 26 years
Lois Rochester, administrative specialist II, purchasing & supply services, Feb. 4, 11 years

January 2012

Linda Allen, administrative coordinator II, general counsel, Jan. 3, 37 years
Maranda Arnold, administrative assistant, bioengineering, Jan. 1, 29 years
Lansford Bell, professor, civil engineering, Jan. 1, 22 years
Louis Bregger, student services manager I, Gantt Center for Student Life, Jan. 1, 29 years
Phylis Hendricks, building/ground specialist I, university facilities custodial & recycling services, Jan. 3, 12 years
Joan Hudson, research professor, research division/electron microscope, Jan. 6, 35 years
Melvin Maw, information resource consultant II, extension staff development, Jan. 1, 33 years
Debra Smith, data coordinator II, records & registration, Jan. 1, 33 years