Inside Clemson

Eight days left before old mail server shuts down

For the past year, CCIT has worked to retire its legacy mail server. The server, also known as “Clemson mail” or “Squirrel mail,” will be permanently shut down Aug. 12.

Most university employees are already on the Exchange server. This has no impact on those who use Exchange. But for employees who still use to access email, it’s time to upgrade to Exchange.

Contact your local computer support representative:

  1. if you need to upgrade to Exchange,
  2. if you use Exchange or but have mail stored in, or
  3. If you are using Exchange or or any other mail program, but still have forwarding to Visit to check your email forwarding first.

Once the legacy server shuts down, any mail stored there can no longer be accessed. Accordingly. CCIT advises that any mail stored in that server be removed by August 11.

Contact your computer support representative with questions.