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Sociology professor Sarah Winslow supports Honors students, in class and at ‘home’

Date Published: February 28, 2014

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“Honors College students have unmatched access to resources, events, and many of the most accomplished faculty members on this campus.”

Since joining the Clemson family in 2006, Dr. Sarah Winslow continues to impact the lives of her students. Dr. Winslow currently serves as the Undergraduate Coordinator for the Sociology & Anthropology Department, as well as the Faculty in Residence for the Honors Living-Learning Community. Dr. Winslow will also begin a tenure as Faculty Fellow for the National Scholars Program in fall 2014. She teaches Honors courses such as Honors Introduction to Sociology, as well as advises all Honors Sociology students.

Dr. Sarah Winslow speaks with Honors students in Holmes Hall

During her time at Clemson, Dr. Winslow has worked with students on several research and thesis projects. She reflects on a memorable interaction with a previous student, Brooke Conroy Bass, who completed an independent research project exploring how gender and child-rearing ideologies interact to shape time spent on household labor and childcare. Bass later presented her research findings at an ACC-wide student research conference and as part of the Honors program at the Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association. Following her education at Clemson, Bass pursued a Ph.D. in Sociology at Stanford University. Dr. Winslow credits her experience with Bass for teaching her how to be a good mentor and the value of providing such mentorship experiences for students.

Dr. Winslow’s mentorship extends to Creative Inquiry projects as well. For the past two years she has directed a research project created by an undergraduate student, John Christopher, directed at campus culture and gender-based violence. While John has since graduated, his work and research focus continues to be studied by current Clemson students, including members of the Honors College. Dr. Winslow feels a sense of pride having pushed a student to follow a small idea into a larger project.

Dr. Winslow’s continued support for the Honors’ curriculum is evident through her interactions and involvement in programming events and student life. “As an instructor, it’s incredibly rewarding to have students who embrace a challenge and are truly excited about learning. My students are always sharing articles, videos, websites, etc. that remind them of material we’ve discussed in class,” she said. “That eagerness to extend learning outside of the classroom is something that really sets Honors students apart from their peers and makes teaching and working with them a pleasure.”

Advice: Life is all about balance. Balance work and fun. Be confident in who you are and stand up for what you believe in, but also be willing to carefully consider alternatives. Take chances but know your limits. Strive for excellence, but recognize that sometimes happiness comes in the form of “good enough.” Give generously of yourself, but also give generously TO yourself.

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