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The roots of the university — the Student Organic Farm leads the way in sustainable farming

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

[TITLE][SHARE] by Jonathan Veit School of Agriculture, Forest and Environmental Science Nine billion. That’s how many people will inhabit the earth by 2050. How do we feed nine billion people? How do we feed them well in a way that is both economically and environmentally sustainable? In a way that will make a profit and [...]

Determined to excel at athletics and academics

Friday, April 26th, 2013
When Brittney Waller, left, isn

When Brittney Waller isn’t throwing a discus 160 feet, she’s cultivating her interest in agriculture — and exceeding in both. The standout Clemson track and field star is also a standout agricultural education student.

Got Extension Agents? Leaders in the field, Clemson’s agents are helping educate tomorrow’s farmers and gardeners

Thursday, December 8th, 2011
Clemson Extension Agent Brian Beer works closely with farmers like Cathy Taylor, left, who runs a grass-fed beef business. | Images by Rebecca Dalhouse, Clemson PSA

People are getting back to the land, or at least to their backyards, where they are reconnecting with growing things — vegetables, fruits, cattle, timber, flowers, shrubs, even families and local economies. And Clemson Extension agents are available to provide sound, scientifically based information to South Carolinians and help them use that information to improve the quality of their lives.