Clemson University Feature Stories

Judson Jahn came to Clemson in 1994 for an MBA and stayed to carve out a dual career teaching in the School of Accountancy and Finance and practicing law with a Seneca firm.

Judson Jahn loves the life of teacher, attorney and devoted family man

By Stephanie Cox
Media Relations

Senior Lecturer Judson Jahn is not a native South Carolinian or a lifelong Tiger, but Clemson has truly become his home.

Born and raised in a rural town outside of Columbus, Ohio, Jahn came to Upstate South Carolina in 1987 to play basketball for Limestone College. After earning his undergraduate degree from Limestone and a juris doctorate from Mercer University, he entered Clemson in 1994 to work toward a Master of Business Administration degree.

Since then, he has been unable to leave what he describes as “the close family atmosphere” of the campus.

“I love this university,” said Jahn, a senior lecturer in the College of Business and Behavioral Science. “Although it is very diverse, it feels like a big family in that we can all find something in common. It’s a great atmosphere that highlights our differences and individual talents yet unites us all.”

In addition to teaching three undergraduate and two graduate courses and serving as a member of the MBA Council, Jahn extends his love for the University and his Clemson spirit into three faculty-led study-abroad programs.

His Clemson in Europe programs take Clemson students abroad during the first summer session and both spring and fall breaks. The summer program visits different countries every year, while the spring and fall programs are usually based in London, Paris and Brussels.

Aside from his involvement in University life, Jahn is a practicing attorney with Merrell & Jahn, P.A in Seneca, specializing in real estate and business transactions. Combining University lecturer with a law practice is a major juggling act, but one Jahn has mastered.

“It’s second nature to me now,” he said. “Both professions require a lot of hours, but I have always been able to manage my time effectively.”

Jahn expresses a special enthusiasm for everything he does, but it is evident that his passion for teaching trumps that of practicing law.

He credits his mentor, Professor Emeritus Bruce Yandle, with helping him develop this segment of his career.

“When I was Bruce Yandle’s graduate assistant, he asked me to teach a course,” Jahn said. “I fell in love with teaching and have been here ever since. Now, I simply practice law to enhance my teaching abilities.”

Jahn displays a positive attitude and caring nature to the students enrolled in his classes and says the hardest part of the teaching profession is to see a student struggle. In fact, he admits that he too struggles with the temptation to give students too much help.

Despite his commitment to two demanding professions, Jahn believes his greatest accomplishment in life is his successful and loving relationship with his wife of 19 years and his two children.

The family attends many Clemson athletic events together, decked out in head-to-toe orange. Jahn often comes to class in shirts emblazoned with the Tiger Paw.

He says family outings make them a strong support system for one another. And he has proven to be a strong support system for his Clemson Family as well.