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Top 10 in 2011: A look back at our most popular stories

Monday, December 19th, 2011

We can’t ignore a good list — and we know you probably can’t either — so we decided to wrap up 2011 with a quick look back at the Clemson website’s most popular stories.

Fresh water saves lives, inspires students

Thursday, December 15th, 2011
Members of Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries travel across the first of four mountains to get to the village of Morne Michel. Lake Péligre is in the background.

Across Haiti, in small villages like Morne Michel, the water doesn’t flow freely. It’s often contaminated, and clean water is hard to find. Members of Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries, or CEDC, are working with the Adopt-A-Village program in order to change this.

A True Food Myth Buster: Paul Dawson makes food science fun

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011
Professor Paul Dawson, left, works in the lab alongside graduate student Hanan Eshamah. Dawson

From the famous “five-second rule” and popular games such as beer pong, to faux pas such as “double dipping” and drinking out of the milk carton, professor Paul Dawson’s research on common food safety practices has sparked interest in the science behind food safety in both his students and the public.

Got Extension Agents? Leaders in the field, Clemson’s agents are helping educate tomorrow’s farmers and gardeners

Thursday, December 8th, 2011
Clemson Extension Agent Brian Beer works closely with farmers like Cathy Taylor, left, who runs a grass-fed beef business. | Images by Rebecca Dalhouse, Clemson PSA

People are getting back to the land, or at least to their backyards, where they are reconnecting with growing things — vegetables, fruits, cattle, timber, flowers, shrubs, even families and local economies. And Clemson Extension agents are available to provide sound, scientifically based information to South Carolinians and help them use that information to improve the quality of their lives.