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COMSET builds on Nufern partnership

Principals in the Clemson/Nufern partnership include (from left to right): Wade Hawkins, director of the COMSET optical fiber fabrication laboratory; Liang Dong, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering; Cindy Lee, interim associate dean for research and graduate studies; Martine LaBerge, acting dean, College of Engineering and Science; Martin Seifert, Nufern President, Bryce Samson, Vice President, Business Development.Clemson University’s Center for Optical Materials Science and Engineering Technologies (COMSET) recently unveiled the Nufern student office suite in the Advanced Materials Research Laboratory (AMRL). Nufern, a leading U.S. manufacturer of fiber laser and specialty optical fibers, is a long-time partner of COMSET. Nufern, based in East Granby, CT, serves industrial, military/aerospace, medical and telecom applications.

Nufern has historically supported COMSET with a series of generous donations to the Clemson University Foundation, and anticipates opportunities for strengthening the affiliation in the future.

“Our industrial partners and their investments help sustain our innovation and work-force development activities,” states John Ballato, COMSET director. “We are especially grateful to Nufern and recognize their commitment to our vision.”

“Nufern values the many interactions and collaborations it has had with Clemson’s COMSET over the last 10 years, and looks forward to many more years of working together on innovative programs that push photonics technology forward,” said Bryce Samson, VP of Business Development at Nufern.

Liang Dong, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, has over 20 years experience in research and development in photonics and optical fibers, and has enjoyed an extensive working relationship with Nufern. “Long-term partners like Nufern, help COMSET get industry perspectives and to align its research and education efforts to be industry-relevant,” observes Dong.

Nufern is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rofin-Sinar Technologies Inc., a U.S. company headquartered in Plymouth, MI and Hamburg, Germany. Rofin-Sinar is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of high-performance lasers and laser-based solutions with more than 28,000 laser units installed worldwide and more than 3,000 customers.

COMSET, formed in 2000, is an interdisciplinary unit of Clemson’s College of Engineering and Science. COMSET provides an organized framework with significant centralized infrastructure for faculty with common interests to collaborate in developing advanced materials, devices and systems that generate, transmit, manipulate and utilize light. In an approach that blends “what-if” basic science and more applied research, COMSET investigators are developing wide-ranging deliverables including specialty optical fiber, organic LEDs, light-emitting plastics, glasses and crystals.